Dual head FSW machine

There are two types of dual head FSW machines: the single-sided dual head ones and double-sided dual head ones, which can meet different demands.

Dual head FSW machine

The domestic first dynamic gantry-type FSW equipment with double beam and light & heavy-load integrated head can realize single-side welding thickness of 100mm of aluminum alloy and 35mm single-side welding thickness of copper alloy, meets the application needs of friction stir welding for extra thickness aluminum alloy.

Technical Spesifications

Equipment   Model


Welding   Thickness


Single-side   100, double-side 190

Working Table   (W*L)



Gantry Net   Height



Gantry Net Width



Spindle   Maximum Speed



Machine   Outline Dimension





High rigid structure and heavy load capacity
High welding efficiency
High-quality seams
Reliable welding quality of materials under low torque

Automated tool changing system
Force/ Position/ Torque / Temperature control 
Safety guarding system
Remote assistance
Data acquisition, visual identity, laser tracking and weld monitoring systems


  • Double beam double gantry structure is adopted, with big rigidity and load capacity

  •  The beam and machine bed adopts high strength casting, with double gear motor anti-backlash structure, improving the overall welding stability

  •  The integration of light-load and heavy-load head is used to meet the full coverage needs from thin plate to thick plate

  •  The heavy-load head adopts parallel mechanism, which can realize friction stir welding of spatial 3D thick plate, and the space position is accurate


    Rail transit; national defense industry; automobile industry



Single-side Dual head FSW equipment


Dual-side Dual head FSW equipment


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