What can we do?

What can we do?

AEE is not just a simple FSW machine tools fabricated supplier.

AEE is not just a simple FSW machine tools fabricated supplier. First of all we can offer automated production cells from a single source; then we can serve welding production lines; last but not the least we can integrate all processes required by the products, such as CNC milling, FSW, fusion welding, air tight, grinding, riveting, laser cleaning, spraying, drying, marking & carrying system. In other words we can solve all of your problems.

Process Technology



In this part, AEE will show you our abilities in FSW, Fusion welding, Stud welding and Riveting.



AEE has been committed to the R & D and promotion of friction stir welding technology, it has rich experience in FSW. We can offer both FSW machines and technologies for you.


Fusion welding


There is a professional welding team in AEE who has in-depth research on fusion welding technology.

The electric control cabinet, robot control cabinet and welding machine are included in the welding station to save space.

The all-metal welding house and guardrail mainly play the role of anti-arc light to block welding dust and personnel protection, at the same time, it is convenient for dust removal system to remove dust.

 1589777770540344.jpg    1589777798239542.jpg


   ● Reduce labor costs

   ● Improve weld quality

   ● Weld beauty and consistency

   ● Pretty high welding efficiency

   ● Improve the operating environment of workers

Stud welding

We also have unique advantages in stud welding.

   Good economy

   Saving time and cost down

   Expanding the application potential of structural design



As a kind of connection technology, riveting plays an important role that can not be ignored.


The CNC can meet the requirements of excellent precision, high speed, and perfect quality.It can be combined with FSW to form an automatic assembly line by the robot gripper.


Milling/Flash removal


It is mainly used for seam correction in fusion welding, which can also be applied to remove the flash of friction stir welding. For the seam with high requirements, the accuracy and consistency will be ensured, and there is no need for secondary grinding.



   Deburring speed up to 12,000 mm/min

   ◆Simultaneous milling and polishing

   ◆Automated tool changing system



  ◆Gantry structure, excellent rigidity

  ◆Floating device with force control

  ◆Anti-cutting device

  ◆Customized fixture

  ◆Process traceability system

  ◆Safety guarding system

Laser cleaning


Laser cleaning is used for the residue on the weld surface to get silvery white seam after cleaning, which is better than the traditional cleaning method.

1589778818737331.jpg         1590719180305735.jpg

  ★ Automation: Easy integration and high efficiency
Intellectualization: Cleaning of local area 
Cost-effectively: no maintenance, no fragile parts
Green: No chemical reagents, no solvents, less noise
Convenient : Contactless processing, portable and mobile operation
No damage: Only remove surface contaminants



PVC automatic spraying workstation is composed of spraying protection room, automatic drying room, reciprocating fixture, robot, sprayer, high pressure hose, automatic spray gun and so on. It is mainly used in automatic spraying of PVC anti-stone impact coating for battery tray.

1588765483566108.jpg 1588765511639565.jpg

Carrying system

Both robot carrying and power-assisted manipulators can be realized.

Quality control

  Real-time process monitoring

   ◆ Product traceability

   ◆ Dimension measurement (Custom inspection tools and a 3-coordinate system will be used to ensure the product to be delivered is qualified)




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