Double-head Friction Stir Welding gantry machine for Electric Vehicles

    In 2016, the double-head friction stir welding production line produced by AEE was exported to SAPA, Sweden. The production line realizes the fully automated operation of tracking, feeding, clamping, discharging and sawing. It is suitable for welding wide and long straight aluminum alloy profile in the fields of rail transit and shipbuilding.

  The maximum length of the profile is 18000mm and the maximum width is 3500mm. The welding thickness can be up to 16mm and the welding speed can reach 6000mm/min.


         With the development of the new energy electric vehicles in China, AEE occupied more than half of the market in supplying friction stir welding equipment. Therefore AEE has supplied kinds of double-head friction stir welding machines for automobile according to the different needs of customers. Whether to weld the battery trays for electric vehicles, the double-head FSW gantry machine enables to produce faster and more efficiently. More details please refer to


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