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Friction stir welding technology

On 31/05/2020, NASA successfully launched two astronauts to the International Space Station in cooperation with Space X.

The circumferential, longitudinal and meridian seam of the rocket fuel tank is generally welded by friction stir welding. In 2015, AEE developed the 1st circumferential Friction Stir Welding equipment for the barrel of the rocket fuel tank in China. More details prefer to the website:


Friction stir welding technology helps Space X lift off

The crew capsule was also fabricated using Friction Stir Welding technology. This is mainly due to the stability and no defect of the friction stir welding seam.

AEE, as a leading Friction Stir Welding company in the world, supply customized Friction Stir Welding equipment and automatic production line  with rich experience according to the needs of customers in various industries.