High speed welding

High speed welding is a friction stir welding technology developed to meet the needs of engineering.

High welding speed is another advantage of friction stir welding, especially for large structures, high welding speed can significantly improve production efficiency, shorten the production cycle and improve the user's competitiveness. In order to display the advantages of high efficiency of friction stir welding, AEE has developed ralated equipments, mixing tools and supporting technology. At present, welding speed is up tp 6000 mm/min. The research results have been applied to the long and straight section welding in the train side wall.


    ■ Green and environmentally friendly process

    ■ Good mechanical properties

    ■ Small deformation

    ■ High production efficiency

    ■ High welding strength


Long straight profiles, such as ship deck and rail transit floor

High speed welding

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