On the 4th in February, 2021, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, the Chinese Embassy in North Macedonia offered condolences to AEE's on-site personnel. Ambassador Zhang Zuo personally received the project team and handed out Spring Festival bags and took a group photo.



The Project in North Macedonia will provide customers with the most advanced automatic production line of double-head friction stir welding, integrating multiple customized double-head friction stir welding equipment, handling robots, incoming error prevention systems, safety integration, etc., which will realize high efficiency, high cycle time and high automation. In the face of the huge impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the project team, under the care and guidance of leaders at all levels of AEE, overcame thousands of difficulties, coordinated various resources, cooperated with each other, worked overtime, completed equipment production, commissioning and pre-acceptance on time, and completed almost impossible tasks. In November, when the epidemic raged in Europe, in order to ensure the implementation of the project as planned, the project team overcame difficulties and resolutely came to the customer site in North Macedonia for equipment installation, commissioning and training. At the same time, in order to accompany the production at the customer's site, the project team gave up returning home to celebrate the Spring Festival with their families, but stayed at the site to continue technical support.

      With friction stir welding technology and non-standard automatic production line design and integration capabilities, AEE will continue to provide customers with multi-faceted support, comprehensive solutions and the best quality service, keep the leadership in the industry, walk in the forefront of technology, grow together and create a better future!

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