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China launches standards for NEV battery trays

The China Welding Association recently announced that the group standard of "Welding Specification of aluminum alloy battery tray for new energy vehicles" was released on 12 May and will be implemented from 1 June, 2022. The standard number is T/CWAN 0027-2022. Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. participated in the drafting of Specifications.

China launches standards for NEV battery trays

This document specifies the technical requirements, process methods and product quality testing methods for welding and manufacturing specifications for new energy vehicle aluminum alloy battery trays.This document is applicable to arc welding, laser welding, friction stir welding, resistance spot welding, flow drill screw, self-piercing riveting and stud welding of new energy vehicle aluminum alloy battery trays.

As one of the key components of new energy vehicles, power batteries almost determine the safety performance, reliability, cost, and durability of vehicles. Among them, the battery tray (or battery box, or bracket) is the main bearing component of the new energy vehicle power battery. There is no unified industry standard in terms of process method, welding quality and acceptance, which affects the manufacturing quality, popularization and application and safety of the product.

Please click the link to download the new specification: 全国团体标准信息平台 (