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Basic process of friction stir welding Tool in China FSW Supplier

Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state joining technology.

During the welding process, a cylindrical FSW tool with a special shoulder and needle protrusion rotates and inserts into the welded part. The frictional heat between tool and work-piece causes softening in the materials around the pin without melting.

Basic process of friction stir welding Tool in China FSW Supplier

When the FSW tool moves forward along the interface to be welded, the thermoplastic material is transferred from the front to the back of the FSW tool, and under the mechanical forging of the tool, solid-state joining between the work-pieces is achieved.

The process parameters of FSW mainly include tool rotation speed, welding travel speed, inclination angle, pressing amount, and cooling environment. 

Different combinations of welding parameters can affect the thermal cycling, tool loading state, and material rheological behavior during the welding process.

Various parameters are not independent of each other, and through optimized parameter combinations, high-quality welds without defects can be obtained.

Basic process of friction stir welding Tool in China FSW Supplier

FSW has greatly promoted the development of advanced manufacturing technology.

With the development of new materials, automatic control, intelligent manufacturing and other technologies, as well as the high welding requirements for dissimilar materials, composite materials, and complex structures, precision intelligent welding FSW process and machine will become the main trend of future research.

AEE is not just a simple FSW machine manufacturing supplier.

AEE can provide automatic production units to serve welding production lines; AEE can also integrate all the processes required for the product, such as CNC milling, fusion welding, airtight, grinding, riveting, laser cleaning, spraying, drying, marking, and handling systems.

AEE has always been closely focused on the needs of aerospace, new energy vehicles, shipbuilding, and power electronics, continuously breaking through the key software and hardware technologies of intelligent friction stir welding. 

Currently, the overall technical level has reached the international advanced level.

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